The Sports For Every Generation Asphip

Our Concept of Developing "Asphip"

We, Sphip Co.. Ltd. strove to develop a new sport which departs from the traditional thinking of what a sport is, something completely different from existing sports, 
and perfected it through 10 years of research and development. And we named this new sport "Asphip". 
The followings are our development concepts of Asphip.


Concept 1

Would like to start a new sport culture from Osaka, Japan.

Concept 2

Would like to make a new business and employment through
making the best use of idle lands.

Concept 3

Watching is fun. Participation is fun. For men and women of
all ages including handicapped people.

Concept 4

Could play with somebody or by yourself anytime you want
to play.

Concept 5

Moderate exercise in-between hard and soft sports.

Concept 6

Having fun is most important. 

Concept 7

Could play at a low price.

Concept 8

Having ideas as barrier-free and universal design for all
equipment and court.


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