The Sports For Every Generation Asphip

Our Goal

Now we are working toward a goal of  opening an Asphip stadium.

We would like to open large-scale stadiums all over the world  where everyone including handicapped people can easily come and enjoy Asphip.

Looking for an Investor/Partner

We are looking for prospective licensees or distributors to start an Asphip stadium business in the US. Since Asphip is protected by US and Japanese patents, trademarks, and copyrights, any licensee or distributors would be assured a US monopoly in our sport stadium business. We believe that this business has the potential to created a large consumer market and also expand other related business, such as shoes, sportswear, sporting goods, construction, foods, beverages, and printing. 

Scoring System Planning

Also we are planning to develop the Asphip Scoring System which simplifies score keeping  on computer. It would be easily carried around and used at court-side. We are sure that this Asphip Scoring System will lead to the more efficient operation of Asphip stadium.

Developing Asphip Unpire Robot

We've started the "Asphip Umpire Robot" development!                   
What is an umpire robot? 
It is an epoch-making plan to leave umpire game of Asphip to a robot.

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