Enjoy Sport! --- Brand New! Recreational Sport "Asphip" --- Spinning Top? Boomerang? Bowling? Tennis?

Enjoy sport! Asphip....The Sport for Every Generation


Looking for an Investor/Partner to start new business in the sport field.
Now we are working toward a goal of opening Asphip stadiums all over the world.
Asphip is a minor and informal sport now. But it's going to be a major sport in the near future.

Asphip...The Sport for Every Generation

Sending unique sports culture toward the whole world !

We strove to develop a new sport, something completely different from existing sports, and perfected it through 10 years of research and development. And we named this new sport "Asphip". 
It's a totally new sport. Asphip is competitive, fun and can be played by almost anyone.

Japan Asphip Association Sphip Co., Ltd.


Be an Asphipper!

Who's going to be a pioneer?

It's YOU!

Looking for an

Feel free to ask about Asphip!

We've started the "Asphip Umpire Robot" development!                   
What is an umpire robot? 
It is an epoch-making plan to leave umpire game of Asphip to a robot.

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