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Game Rules

We made some rules of games so that you can choose  one you like. We'd like to introduce two kind of games  called "Looper" and" Criss-Cross."





Looper is a competitive game in which players test their skills trying to achieve the most accurate "boomerang," a distinctive movement of our unique spinning ball in which the ball travels in a large circle and then returns. 

A game is played in 10 frames (with 2 strokes per frame) where participating players perform 2 strokes per frame and alternate. The player scoring the highest points at the end of 10 frames wins the game.  High points are scored, if a player succeeds in hitting the ball into a boomerang so that it completely returns without touching the fence. This is called a perfect boomerang. 

If you succeed in a perfect boomerang in the 8.25 m x 9 m court, you can score high points without having to chase after the ball. With much practice you too can consistently stroke perfect boomerangs and get closer to a perfect game of 1200 points.

We sincerely hope that the whole family will enjoy this sport for people of all ages.

  Detailed Rule of Looper



Now you can enjoy a Criss-Cros game after you sweated at Looper game.

Everyone knows the game of tic-tac-toe. We'll use the wandering discs to play a big scale tic tic-toe on a Looper court.

The object is to line up 3 discs vertically, horizontally or diagonally in the scoring grid drawn on the center of the court.

However, the wandering discs do not move the way you want them to go. It takes a bit of practice to get the knock of hurling the discs to stop where you want them to.

We really want handicapped people to enjoy to play.

  Detailed Rule of Criss-Cross

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